Bernie Sanders To Introduce Healthcare Bill

Now is the time for people of conscience to stand up and push for Medicare for all. We need a public option for healthcare int his country. We can do it! But it will take each of us forcing the hand of our representatives to get it done. Please support Bernie's efforts by writing and... Continue Reading →

Being There: When Loved Ones Fight Addictions

I am like many, if not most Americans. I know somebody who has or is fighting an addiction. And while the person I know has been clean and sober for years, I am only now beginning to make sense of the experience. Being there, holding somebody else's hand as they battle their demons, is an... Continue Reading →

A Resist Bot?

Resistbot will regularly (daily in my case) send you a text message asking if you want to write to your representatives to the federal government. My answer is always yes. Even if I am writing about the same subjects over and over again, I just keep writing.

The Power of Love & The Love of Power

As we race towards greater self-destruction, I am fascinated by the voices in the wilderness. The ones who search for practical solutions based on a spiritual truth. Russell Brand is one of my favorite "thinkers". Here is a man who has capitalized on his lack of authority to become an authority on what I call "everyday philosophy".

Yes, I am ALL of Those Things!

If I had to describe myself, which words would I choose? In a world that is constantly trying to label me and put me into a box that feels comfortable for them, the only labels I am paying attention to are my own.

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