The Power of Love & The Love of Power

As we race towards greater self-destruction, I am fascinated by the voices in the wilderness. The ones who search for practical solutions based on a spiritual truth. Russell Brand is one of my favorite “thinkers”. Here is a man who has capitalized on his lack of authority to become an authority on what I call “everyday philosophy”. He is no scholar, no cleric, no politician or great mind. He is, instead, a common fool who has mastered the art of asking the right questions and inspired me to question everything.

So what if we allowed the power of love to overcome the love of power? How would that have shaped our geopolitical reality? Would the right-wing backlash we see asserting itself around the world have a foothold if we truly believed in love? Why is right-wing-ism hypermasculine and violent?

This is a fascinating talk between a great thinker and an everyday philosopher. Please enjoy!

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