A Resist Bot?

Every day, after waking up I do what most Americans my age do.

I reach for my smartphone.

I use it to check my messages and notifications, just in case anything interesting happened in the world during the four and a half fitful hours I was “asleep” (more on that later). But, lately the world seems to be in a prolonged death spiral and the news isn’t just bad, it’s freaking bleak. And so, like any millennial, I spent a number of hours laying in bed and surfing the internet trying to figure out what I could do about it that wouldn’t cost me anything and was guaranteed to profoundly annoy the jerks who routinely benefit from the misery they so deftly create.

All of the experts said:

  • stay informed
  • write/call your representatives
  • donate to orgs doing important work like the ACLU
  • BUY a newspaper subscription so that JOURNALISTS can do their job

Enter Resistbot, a great way for YOU to write to your members of Congress without ever having to put down your phone or look up an email address. Resistbot does the work for you. It’s easy.

  1. Text the word “resist” to 50409.
  2. Follow the instructions.

Resistbot will regularly (daily in my case) send you a text message asking if you want to write to your representatives to the federal government. My answer is always yes. Even if I am writing about the same subjects over and over again, I just keep writing.

Resistbot then converts your texts into faxes and sends them on to your MoCs. You get a photo of what the fax looks like and a confirmation of delivery. Easy, right?

Why does this matter?

Your reps think about one thing all the time. Elections. They know that they have to be re-elected and if the people back home are too upset by the way things are going, that’s going to be a tricky hill to climb. So they LOVE it when you take the time to call, come by the office, write and sign petitions telling them what’s important to you. In all honesty, your letters, emails, and faxes simply get tallied up and presented to the rep by his or her staff. But if they come from a district with 750K people and receive 100k faxes, calls and emails in support of upcoming legislation, they notice!

I remember when we would vote for things in my third-grade class. The teacher would give us each a marble and put two jars on a desk. One by one we would each drop our marble in the appropriate jar. Sometimes it was woefully lopsided and at other times it would be really close. But, what you understood was that even if all of your friends agreed with you, there was a fair number of others that disagreed. Corresponding with your MoCs is like dropping your marble in the jar. It gives them an idea of how many people agree or disagree with a piece of legislation and whether or not they need to push for a compromise to get a few more marbles in the other jar.

So now, every day when I wake up, I grab my phone. I check the weather, my email, and the headlines. And then I fire off a short, three sentence fax to my MoCs. And after some yoga, prayer, green smoothie and a steaming hot shower…I feel like not all is lost.


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