Day Five: The Digital Detox Begins!

SO I was sitting in the mosque during Jummah the other day when I noticed a group of women sitting in front of me, bunching together. It was particularly packed that day and there were a lot of new faces because we had a guest imam giving the sermon. Suddenly, one of them raises her... Continue Reading →

Day Four: The Month of QURAN, Not Fasting

The purpose of fasting and the purpose of Ramadan are different. The purpose of fasting is to develop taqwa. The purpose of Ramadan is to get closer to the Quran. The spirit of Ramadan is lost if you come out of it not knowing a little more Quran than you did before. The spirit is... Continue Reading →

Day Two: Finding My Stride

Recently I have become a little obsessed with my body. To be more specific, I am obsessed with my health. In college, I was close with a staff member who went on Hajj twice during the course of my studies. Each time she would take weeks before the arduous trip to train. She would go... Continue Reading →

Day One: Plan Your Work

My mother's favorite pieceĀ of adviceĀ is "plan your work and work your plan". Everything, according to her, can be overcome if you simply have a well thought out plan and stick to it. Personally, I have always been a much more fluid person. I adapt easily to change and even seek it out if things seem... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Countdown Begins Tonight

This is not a drill everybody! If you don't know then let me remind you that we are only one month away from the start of Ramadan; that blessed guest that arrives every year. Somehow, every year, I am always surprised when it arrives and overwhelmed by the time it leaves. Like many of you... Continue Reading →

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