Ramadan Countdown Begins Tonight

This is not a drill everybody!

If you don’t know then let me remind you that we are only one month away from the start of Ramadan; that blessed guest that arrives every year. Somehow, every year, I am always surprised when it arrives and overwhelmed by the time it leaves. Like many of you (probably, please don’t tell me I’m the only idiot like this) I often feel that just as I am getting into the full swing of things, Ramadan is over. I mean, as soon as I get accustomed to the night prayers and having iftar prepared on time, and a list of kid-friendly activities that won’t annoy me or bore the kids…just as soon as I feel like I am in control…IT’S ALL OVER!!!


In previous years I prepared by brushing up on my Quran and changing my eating habits so that fasting wouldn’t be such a chore. I looked into the weekend activities at my local mosque for the children and stocked up on the staple foods that we enjoy. Sounds pretty good right?


I have come to the realization that what used to pass for “Ramadan Prep” is not nearly enough. I didn’t set specific goals for myself and I didn’t have a clear-cut plan on how to achieve the few goals that I did have. I wasn’t realistic about what I could achieve, and I didn’t stick to the routines I arranged for myself. Also, I spent a butt-load of money I didn’t have because I didn’t plan very well. In the end, I felt like Ramadan was a guest that I barely saw. I still got some benefit, but I could have done more if I was more mindful.

If there is one regret I have in life it is that since becoming a mother, my Ramadans have been a bit lackluster. At first, I was okay with that. Being a new mom and all can be trying. Just surviving Ramadan felt like an accomplishment. But now my kids are not babies any longer. And, after last year’s ho-hum Ramadan I decided that it would be the last one I completed without feeling like I did my best.  This year I am going all out. I’m talking meal plans, charts, a budget, schedules and a savings account that I have been feeding all year in preparation for this year’s festivities. This year, insha’Allah, I am going to hit the ground running. If Allah grants me the honor of making it through to the end of this year’s Ramadan, my sincere intention is to have gained something deeper.

So this is the start of my Ramadan Prep 2017!

I intend to update you every day and share with you what I am doing and what I think would be pretty cool. Inshallah, somebody will benefit from this. I sincerely hope that you will take this journey with me. Are you ready?



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