Day Four: The Month of QURAN, Not Fasting

The purpose of fasting and the purpose of Ramadan are different. The purpose of fasting is to develop taqwa. The purpose of Ramadan is to get closer to the Quran. The spirit of Ramadan is lost if you come out of it not knowing a little more Quran than you did before. The spirit is lost if you don’t come out of Ramadan more in love with the Quran than you were before.
—  Nouman Ali Khan
Last year was the first year that I can say that I got it. I finally got the connection between Ramadan and the Quran. I can honestly say that until then Ramadan was just a month long festival/boot camp for Muslims. For me, it was the month of fasting.
Then I noticed that Allah swta didn’t refer to it that way at all. He called it the month of the Quran and referenced the revelation of Quran when commanding us to fast.
I know you are probably like “duh, everybody knows that” but there is a difference between knowing something and truly KNOWING it. I think I didn’t KNOW it until last year. For me, that shifted the focus of the month from fasting to getting a deeper relationship with the Quran and my Lord, by extension.
That meant that the days when I couldn’t fast I didn’t feel like I was somehow missing out on Ramadan (which is how I felt in previous years, especially when I was nursing). Even if I couldn’t fast I could still get closer to the Quran and gain a better understanding of my Lord. That was revolutionary to me.
I can be honest and say that I haven’t been able to read an entire juz every day since I was in school. No time. It’s not realistic for me. But I can start now with 15 minutes a day. Maybe even 20-30 if I get serious. I can plug into Quran Weekly’s YouTube page or listen to a Bayyinah lecture while I cook. I can do that whether I am fasting or not, and accomplish the goal of Ramadan. But I’me gonna start now so that when the Blessed Guest arrives, we aren’t exactly strangers. It takes between 21 and 40 days to create a habit, so the goal is to have a Quran HABIT by the time the big show starts. 
Ramadan is the month of Quran…not the month of fasting.
So, what about you? How will your Ramadan change if you focus less on the fasting and more on the Quran?

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