Day Six: Death is Real

One of my neighbors lost her mother in the weeks following Ramadan. It was sudden. Although her mother was ill, nobody expected her to die. I remember speaking with her a few weeks before Ramadan and how she planned to make clothes for my daughter who was the same size as her granddaughter. It never happened. I am reminding myself and you right now that even this Ramadan is not promised to any of us. 

I am reminding myself and you right now that even this Ramadan is not promised to any of us. We can plan. We SHOULD plan. Nihilism and fatalistic thinking is a direct contradiction of our faith in Allah’s Mercy. In the only ayah revealed about Ramadan, He ends it by saying that He wants good for us and not ill.  It could be that this is the Ramadan when we choose to turn it all around. Today could be the day when we take on our addictions and win, end our toxic relationships, close our haram businesses…all in preparation for Ramadan.

And death.

Because we WILL die. All of us. 

I don’t know your story, but I know mine very well. I made a LOT of bad calls in my life. I did a LOT of things I shouldn’t have, knowing they were wrong. No matter how badly you think you have messed up, know that you aren’t alone. But you aren’t RUINED. I wasn’t ruined. If anything, those mistakes made me more empathetic to those who make bad mistakes; the sinners and the freaks.  

I was one of them too.  

But one day I am going to die, and although we like to assume it will be when we are old and gray it could just as easily be tomorrow. And if I die tomorrow, I at least want to say that I died on my way to being better. I died while striving, while planning, while trying to help others, while aware that death is only ever one heartbeat away. It might not be enough, but its a hell of a lot better than dying while heedless.

So my message to you today is to remember that death is coming. If Allah swta allows us to welcome Ramadan this year then we shouldn’t waste it. It could be our last. All of this planning and prepping is to make sure that we get the most out of it while we still can.

Because death is coming, and it is very real. 

And of course, the reminder is for me first.

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