Day Ten: The M-Word

This is my disclaimer. I am going to talk about menstruation. If you are squeamish or simply feel like this issue doesn’t pertain to you then feel free to click away. I won’t be offended. 

Still here?

Okay, let’s get started. 

There is a pretty good chance that you WILL menstruate some time during this Ramadan and if you are like me it has been YEARS since you reviewed the rules regarding menstruation. I know that I always assume that I know them well because, well, I menstruate. But there are some issues that are iffy and can give you some trouble, such as the discharge that comes at the end of your period (and sometimes in the beginning). So this is a quick reminder on the rules pertaining to menstruation. 

As a side note, my mother is one of those who still calls her period “the curse”. It’s important that we get rid of these ideas and don’t pass them on to our children. Menstruating is as natural as sneezing, childbirth, and sex. They are all biological processes that normal, healthy bodies do. 

And finally.

And for those who aren’t sure if your shower counts as a ghusl, this is a reminder of the requirements for a perfect ghusl. 

I hope this has cleared up a few things for us all, just in case you didn’t know or needed a refresher course. Of course, this is for my benefit first and foremost, and a reminder to all of you second. If you gain anything from these blog posts, please like, share, comment and subscribe. 


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