Day Seventeen: For the kids!

Since we are about two weeks away from D-day, I think it’s time to start thinking about the most important people in our lives…the kiddies. 

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or just somebody in the community who helps with “youth activities”, making sure that the children in our care have a positive Ramadan experience is extremely important. For too many families, Ramadan is like an exercise in communal suffering, punctuated by fried food. Fasting is an obligation. Visits to the mosque are fashion shows where bored and disinterested teens are obliged to parade their “Islam” for a few hours. And, after the eid festivities are over all of the “lessons” learned during the blessed month, are quickly forgotten. 

In order to avoid that it’s important that we start when they are young and begin teaching them about the meaning of Ramadan. Get them involved with decorating and planning. Teach them age appropriate lessons not only about Ramadan but about islam in general. Make “Ramadan Habits” for them to practice, such as giving one week’s allowance to the needy. And after eid, ask them which “Ramadan Habits” they want to continue throughout the year. 

There are a lot of Ramadan prep resources for adults and kids of all ages. I decided not to make a large list of sites because I didn’t want your eyes to glaze over. In my experience, long lists guarantee that very little will get done. However, I did want to share these three resources with Ramadan ideas for your children. Check them out and see if there are a few ideas that you like and begin incorporating right away. 

11 ways to prepare your kids for Ramadan.

15 ways to make Ramadan special for your kids this year.

Get your kids to love Ramadan.


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