Day Eighteen: On Purpose

This is not a post about the purpose of your creation or even about finding the purpose of life. Both of those subjects have been written about millions of times be people more equipped to talk about them than I am. 

This post is about putting purpose back into the things that you already do. 

In recent months I have noted that one of the biggest differences between my generation and my mother’s generation is that how we find our purpose. While I am willing to work for my purpose, my mother’s generation found their purpose in work. Meaning, I am willing to take a pay cut if it means that I can love what I do every day and feel that it makes a real difference int he world. But my mother’s generation worked hard for those corner offices and bonuses, and regardless of the nature of the work, it was the work itself that gave them satisfaction. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to find purpose in your work. And there is no shame in doing even menial tasks if it’s honest work for decent pay. But as we move closer to Ramadan I hope that you will take a look at your life and ask one question. 

Have I given my best efforts to the things that matter the most?

Maybe you are a small business owner, or a student, or a full-time mom. All of those occupations are good and admirable, but they only become fulfilling if you give 100% and ensure that whatever you do is done with your purpose in mind. If not then I think it’s high time that you re-evaluated what you do with your life and why.

That might not lead you to a new career. It could mean rewriting your personal philosophy. It could be adding something to your routine. It could mean investing more time and effort into doing your work to the best of your ability. It could mean investing in your potential. 

Because the truth is that life is too short to waste your youth and your health living the life somebody else had planned for you. Don’t leave this life without having had the experience of waking up excited to do whatever it is that you do. 

The ulema talk a lot about the dangers of wasting time. To hear them talk you would think that a life that is spent in sujood or bent over a book is a wasted life. In fact, a life spent farming, sewing, teaching, inventing, exploring, etc. is just as valuable if you did it with a clear purpose. The hours you spend teaching tiny hands how to color within the lines are priceless if you do it with purpose. 

So the reminder today is to remember that Allah gave you talents and abilities and opportunities for a reason. He wants you to do your part to make the world a better place. Never forget your purpose, and never allow that purpose to be subverted by anything or anybody. 




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