Day Twenty: The Nuts and Bolts

We are coming into the home stretch and if you haven’t started planning your meals for Ramadan yet, I advise you to get on the ball. No, I know there are some favorites out there. You know, the deep fried, swimming in gravy, heavily seasoned, aromatic masterpieces that seem to spin themselves out of kitchens everywhere just as soon as the sun goes down. But the idea this Ramadan is to do it BETTER. And BETTER doesn’t always mean MORE. But, you don’t have to take my word on it. Here is a little Ramadan meal planning advice from people who should know. 

Also, Productive Muslim has an excellent, downloadable meal plan for Ramadan that is ALREADY FILLED OUT! YAAAAY! Make appropriate swaps for things you don’t/can’t eat but this is a great resource for the nutritionally challenged!

A reminder to be as disciplined about our food as we are in our prayers during the Blessed Month and beyond. 

A quick reminder of things you should avoid when you are prepping your iftars and suhoor. 

As always, if you got any benefit from this post please like, share, and subscribe. Also, pray for me, as I am praying for you and all of the people who struggle, strive and suffer in the world. All of the benefits has come from Allah swta, and only the mistakes are mine. 


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