Day Twenty-Three: Where do you Islam?

I had to share this video clip with you because I think that this topic and similar discussions are so important for those of us who live in the “West”. As we move into Ramadan I can’t help but be aware of how many Muslims I will see in the next month that I will never see again until the following Ramadan.

You can shake your head and cluck your tongue but the fact of the matter is that they don’t stay connected to the community because the community doesn’t stay connected to them. They aren’t talking the language that they find relevant. In an age of information overload, people only pay attention to the things that they feel speak to them.

So the kid in his Air Force ONe’s and jeans, whose only connection to the Arabic language is what his parents made him memorize as a child, doesn’t look up to the thobe wearing young man fresh out of a Saudi Madrassa. He is looking for an Islam he can take into these streets. He is looking for an Islam that speaks his language. An Islam that understands opioid addictions and internet pornography. He needs an Islam that he can take into a school where the “School Resource Officer” regularly handcuffs and abuses kids, and that can speak to Black Lives Matter.

If you aren’t talking about THAT Islam, you effectively have almost nothing to say to him. And you can’t blame him for not showing up for your hifdh program. He didn’t walk away from you, you failed to meet him where he was.

I pray that Allah reminds us all that Islam is a LIVING tradition and encourages all the Muslims to take it out of the masajid and into the streets. Ameen! 

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