Day Twenty-Two: Water

One of the biggest issues we face during these long summer days of fasting is hydration. Staying hydrated become a huge challenge. Like most people, I am warning you to stay away from fizzy drinks, coffee, and tea, as these can leave you dehydrated. Instead, opt for water.

But, if you are like me, quitting something is a lot harder than starting. So I am encouraging you to opt for habit creation instead of habit cessation. Old bad habits will die out naturally as we begin to form new habits. For example, instead of “cutting the carbs”, focus on eating more protein and healthy produce. You will find that you simply don’t have the room to eat the slices of bread and plates of pasta like you used to.

Similarly, if you want to make sure you stay hydrated this Ramadan, start making water a habit now. Step away from the psychology of deprivation (saying what you WON’T have/do) and move into a mindset of DETERMINATION. Set a certain amount of water to drink for the day, and allow yourself to drink other beverages as soon as you have met your quota. You will find that the cravings and the capacity to drink sugary, fizzy, unhealthy drinks decrease dramatically. And if you need a little inspiration to make drinking water a habit, here it is!


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