Day Twenty-Eight: Ostriches

When I woke up this morning and checked my twitter feed this was one of the first tweets I came across. 


I’ll be honest. I wanted to clap back. I was angry and even felt like blaming her for ruining my good mood. But, then I took a deep breath, retweeted it with a neat clap-back and moved on. However, I can’t let it go. I feel like we need to recognize the moment we are in. We are at a time where people can advocate, in public, without fear of censure, what would amount to a genocide. 

The fools will say, it can’t be a genocide because Islam is a religion and not an ethnicity. I would argue that in the current climate it has reached a synonymous level. But even if it didn’t, there are entire ethnicities that are almost all Muslim. So, no matter how you look at it, they are advocating genocide. 

To be sure, people have always called for the destruction of Islam and the suppression of Muslims. However, in recent times they have been relegated to the fringes of society. However, the shackles are off and the inmates are running the asylum. Now is the time to wake up to the dangers from within our communities and outside the community. 

We must recognize ourselves as a people and invest in our future. We must build our schools, social networks, and institutions, not along ethnic lines, but on the basis of la ilaha il Allah. We have to be more forgiving and kind to each other and empower each other to take care of our communities. Most importantly, we must begin to occupy the spaces of activism and social justice. It is crucial that we recognize that issues of gender equity, racism, violence, and poverty ARE MUSLIM ISSUES. We can’t afford to keep our heads in the sand. We can’t keep acting as if perhaps our silence on these issues will spare us from their effects. 

These people are out to kill us. 

These people are out to kill us. 

These people are out to kill us. 

And if they can’t kill us they will do to us what they did to native people’s all over the world. Ripping small children from their homes, “teaching” them their religion, language, and history. Outlawing our languages, religion, customs and history. And pretending that this kind of thing can’t or won’t happen to us is the surest way to be caught on the back foot when it happens. 

I hope that as we move into Ramadan we, as a community, get our heads out of the sand.

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