Best Summer Pants Ever!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a practicing Muslim and part of my practice is dressing modestly and observing hijab. This can present a little bit of a challenge when the summer months roll around and the temperature soars. This year I decided to abandon my time-honored tradition of hiding indoors and waiting for the milder temperatures to return in September. This year I went out in search of clothes that were modestly cut and also built to keep me cool in the summer. 

While watching a YouTube video I noticed that one of the active Muslimas in the clip wore harem pants while jogging and playing tennis. They seemed like the perfect fit. They were loose and long and didn’t restrict her movements. A quick search through my usual online stores revealed a host of expensive options that didn’t seem like they would be lightweight and weren’t nearly as pretty as hers were.

I should add here that I am a plus sized girl, and so making sure my clothes are flattering and modest is a must. There is nothing worse than a plus sized woman who looks like she just threw on whatever she saw in her closet that wouldn’t cut off her circulation. Since my schedule can have me on the playground in the morning and in a museum in the afternoon, my clothes have to be serviceable regardless of the setting.

My mission was clear: find affordable, plus size harem pants that were stylish AND comfortable. It was frustrating at first, but eventually, I stumbled upon

I know, it seems like a site like that should pretty much advertise itself, but it didn’t. As the name suggests it is a specialty shop that focuses on selling one thing; stylish harem pants. I was skeptical, but for a mere $26 USD for plus size pants, I was willing to gamble. I bought two pairs and crossed my fingers. 

The package arrived on time and the pants were just as pretty in person as they were online. At first glance, it didn’t seem like my pants would fit, but the elasticated waist did  it’s job without pulling or tearing. When I took them off at night there NO MARKS on my body. At one point in the day, I turned to my mother and said, it feels like I am not wearing anything on my legs. The material was super lightweight and the design kept the shape of the pants from sticking to my legs. I could run. I could eat a full meal without loosening my pants. I could squat without worrying about busting my seams. I was a happy girl. 

Of course, there are a few ways this could be improved. I am 5’8″ and the pants end at my ankles. If I were taller they wouldn’t cover my whole leg. The material is very light, not so much that your underwear shows, but light enough that if you stand in direct, strong sunlight the shape of your leg can be seen. I noticed that the darker colored pants don’t have this problem, so just be mindful of what colors you wear and how long your shirts (mine are all about mid-thigh) are. Also, pay attention to the measurements of the style you choose. Some are more narrow in the hips than others.

All in all, I would recommend to anybody looking for comfortable pants for the summer. They held up to the demands of my busy schedule, trips to the beach and even a semi-formal event at the local school. did not pay me for this review. I like to shout-out to companies that provide decent products and services, particularly plus size and modest products. My next review will be for

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