October 8: An Intelligent Discussion About Guns in America

Sometimes it takes a Brit. That’s all I can say about this wonderful interview between Russel Brand and the amazing author/journalist Gary Younge. There is too much grief associated with the latest mass shooting that has dominated our headlines for me to say anything meaningful at this moment. It is especially galling for me as the mother of black children because I am reminded that if this country wouldn’t make changes when 20 small, predominantly white children were gunned down in their school, or when more than 500 were shot by a madman at a country music festival….then nobody will care if my child is gunned down. It is a sad truth that I live with. Imagine, if you can, knowing that any day it could be your child’s name morphing into a hashtag and her face added to a list of “victims” to remember and eulogize. 

To date, this is one of the best conversations about the issue of guns and gun violence that I have seen in quite some time. Because both parties are British, they aren’t invested in the narrative that gun rights advocates have peddled. They can, in many ways, look at this ongoing national tragedy for what it is. And, they can help us deconstruct some of the erroneous beliefs that we have built up around gun violence, race, and what we can do about it. 


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