The Good Husband: Chapter TEN

“Looks like things are moving forward for you two. I can’t say I understand the appeal, but the two of you do make a nice couple,” Omar said bitterly.

“Thank you,” Adam said simply.

“I wasn’t complimenting you,” Omar snickered. 

“No, you misunderstand me. Thank you for being so low and so disappointing that a woman like her would even look at a man like me,” Adam said with a smile that made him look like an animal baring its teeth at an intruder. 

“What did you just say to me, you mother fu-“

“Hey!” Amatullah returned to the table with a small dish of fruit in her hand. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing. This asshole gets his dick a little wet and now he thinks he can talk to me any kind of way. Bitches are a dime a dozen, and most of them are freaks under all that pious bullshit. I know. I had a whole bunch of them,” Omar growled. 

Without warning, Amatullah threw one of the complimentary glasses of ice water in Omar’s face. The sudden shock was quickly followed by a violent slap that plunged the entire dining room into silence. Without saying another word Amatullah grabbed her bag and left the restaurant.

“This isn’t over,” Adam whispered, running after Amatullah.

“What are you looking at?” Omar bellowed at the shocked diners. A member of the waitstaff quickly came by and offered him a handful of napkins before politely suggesting that he would prefer to eat elsewhere or have his breakfast in a to-go bag.  Omar left without making a scene.

IN the car he berated himself all the way back home. Nothing had gone the way he intended. He wanted to make a good impression on her, issue an apology for whatever crime he committed in the past, and make that arrogant jerk sweat. Now he was all wet, and it was likely that she would never agree to be in the same room with him ever again. 

What happened? How did he lose his grip on his temper? If he wasn’t sure before, he was certain of it now. He was jealous. He was jealous of Adam Sulaiman. As crazy as that sounded, he recognized that in his heart of hearts, Adam had everything Omar really wanted. Most galling was the fact that Adam had the heart of a woman who he had overlooked. Omar prided himself on having an eye, he was a collector of the finer things. And yet, when it came to women he constantly found that other than pleasure, the ones he chose weren’t good for anything else. 

Well…most of them. 

Watching the way Adam held Amatullah’s hand made him long for Sasha. Not the kind of longing that accompanied an erection. This was something else. His growling stomach made him think of the way she prepared grits in the morning and the soft sound of Malik nursing while sitting in her lap. Watching Adam and Amatullah made him miss her, and he hated Amatullah for that too. 

How dare she remind him of the things he can’t have?

How dare she BE one of the things he can’t have?

Adam slid into his office with a new determination. He wasn’t going to let another man make off with the things that he should have. There had to be a way to disrupt the relationship between Amatullah and Adam. After careful consideration, the easiest route seemed to run through her father. Though he moved away several years ago, he still attended the same mosque every Friday. 

Omar looked at his schedule for the week and made a phone call.

“Hey DJ, it’s me. Hey, I have a favor to ask. Can you cover an event for me this Friday? Something important just came up and I need to be somewhere that day.” 

“Sure thing. Everything alright?”

“Yeah, just some personal shit, you know how it is,” Omar assured his friend. 

“Okay, cool.”

Omar sat back in his chair with a vicious smile on his face. There was more than one way to summit Everest. 

Read the entire chapter.

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