October 16: The Thing About Comments Is…

It happens fairly regularly. My phone will buzz with a notification. There’s a message or a comment from a reader. For me, this is the highlight of my day. 

There is a lot of poetic nonsense about writing for an audience of one floating around out in artsy circles. Let me tell you, I don’t know any successful writers who write only to please themselves. We, to one extent or another, write for you. We want you to read it, to get caught up in it, to laugh or cry or both. We write to wake you up, to stoke your outrage or force you to think introspectively. 

In short, we write for you. 

When you read something that you like and take the time to write a quick note saying thank you, it means the world to us. We don’t write to be published, well, not serious writers. Any fool can hit publish on a blog or an Amazon ebook. We write to touch readers and until we see those comments, likes, shares, votes and reviews, our success is all theoretical. Your few words of praise are the concrete proof that we have accomplished that goal in an industry that is so lacking in “legitimacy”.

So the next time you read something you think is cool, or informative, or moving, do the right thing. Leave a comment, drop a line, like, share, vote, and encourage a (probably) embattled writer to keep honing their craft.


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