October 20: Starting from #WhyIWrite

Today is National Writing day and the hashtag #WhyIWrite is trending (as it should). NaNoWriMo looms ahead, a mere 11 days away. As I fight the panic the will inevitably engulf me on October 31, I am faced with completing my prep for this year’s NaNoWriMo.

Before I go on, be sure to like this post. Likes are like crack to me and I am quickly becoming a “likes” junkie….so, yeah. Do that.

Unlike previous years, I know which novel I want to write and just having that one decision made takes a huge load off of my mind. Now that I know what I am writing and who my characters are (sort of) I can begin sorting out all of the sticky wickets that usually crop up during the “production” stage of writing. Stay tuned for more on that.

However, today I have been focusing on what entrepreneurs and life coaches all seem to agree is the most crucial element of getting your shit together. 

The WHY factor. 

Whether you are starting a business, going back to school, or losing weight, you need to be very clear with yourself about WHY you are embarking on this journey. This can’t be a results related motivation. Saying “I want to work out so that I can lose twenty pounds” isn’t going to cut it. Dig deep. What are you hoping to accomplish? If you don’t meet your goal (yes, goals and purpose are two different things), will you feel as if you wasted your time and energy? If so, you haven’t clarified your purpose. 

The man who works out every day so that will be healthy enough to play with his kids and care for his wife is going to keep pushing whether he meets his goals or not. The woman who starts a business to empower herself and the other women in her family to care for their families and educate their children will find a way to keep her company alive, even during lean seasons. 

Simply put, your purpose is the fuel for your passion. It is the thing that pulls you out of bed on cold mornings or forces you to forgo sleep in order to put in an extra hour of work. 

Before you write the first word this year, ask yourself  #WhyIWrite and why I am doing #NaNoWriMo specifically. Write it down and revisit it every day, like a mantra or an affirmation. Remind yourself what it is you intend to bring into the world with your art because it is that sense of PURPOSE that will get you over the hump when 1667 words seem like too much to endure. 


Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? If you are, feel free to comment below. You can add me as a writing buddy. I would love to hear from you all. 

As always, don’t forget to follow along with me on Wattpad where I will be writing my novel and posting regularly (at least every other day) and be sure to follow along with my current project The Good Husband.

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