Why BuJo Works For Creatives!

As I complete the third month of my bullet journal adventure I wanted to take a moment to encourage people, especially creatives, to give bullet journaling a try. If you have a graveyard of unused and ineffective planners and calendars from years past, then BuJo might be the tool for you. If you find that the convenience... Continue Reading →

I Discovered Evernote IS For Writers

If you are a writer or a creative of any kind and you haven't heard of Evernote I don't know what you have been doing with your life. Evernote is a FREE app for your phone and your computer that helps you organize your life and projects. Reading a great article that you think might... Continue Reading →

Six Months Until Ramadan

We are officially six months away from the holiest time of the year for the Muslim world. And by the "Muslim world" I mean the world because we are everywhere people! Ramadan. And so I am doing what any busy mompreneur with a distinct lazy streak would do. I'm starting to prepare NOW. Yup, six months... Continue Reading →

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