Writers Read Too: December Reads

December is another one of those months where all of your good intentions tend to go out the window. Much like the rest of you, I struggle to watch my weight, manage my time and my money during this month. Reading is one of those healthy habits that I try to cling to, not only because I enjoy it but because its a sanity-saver. 

At some point during this festive season, when you find yourself stuck in a house with relatives or chin deep in dishes or just plain broke…pick up a good book and unwind. All of my reads are from my local library, so they don’t cost a thing to read. Be sure to give your local library the honor of your custom, and pick up a good book to help you get through the holidays. 

I chose these three for my December reading. The Artist’s Way is THE book, second only to Stephen King’s On Writing, for writers and creatives of all kinds. I read  On Writing a while back and it was a great read. I don’t think I got as much from it then as I would if I read it now. But I think it’s one of those books you should reread once a year. I have heard that The Artist’s Way is similar to  its perennial relevance. This will be my first read of this book and I hope to benefit from it immensely.

Dark Legacy is from one of my all-time favorite authors, Christine Feehan. The world that she creates for her Carpathian series is pure escapism, which is what we all need during the stress of the holiday season. Despite the fact that Christmas isn’t a religious holiday for me it is a time of year when everybody is off from work and school and we can gather together as a family. So, we take advantage of that fact, which is not less stressful than a traditional Christmas celebrations. If sexy vampires are your thing, then any one of the more than two dozen Carpathian novels (the Dark series) is a great read.

Saints and Misfits made my list because it seems like the KIND of fiction I am trying to write. The characters are Muslim and they live with and wrestle with their Islam but it’s not a “Muslim story”. What happens in the story could happen in any community, but this story just happens to happen in a Muslim one. If you want to learn to write you have to do a lot of reading. Read works in similar genres. See what works and what doesn’t. This pick is as much for pleasure as it is for work. 

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