Priorities or How Productivity Can Fuck Up Your Whole Life

I am just like you...and Beyonce...with the same 24 hours in each day and the same long list of things that I want to cram into that same 24 hours. One of those things just happens to be a nap in my case, but you make your own list. No looking at my paper. And... Continue Reading →

RoW80 Update and Apologies

Hello Salam Readers; Let's have a chat, shall we? You may have noticed that I am currently writing two projects at the same time. If you head on over to my Wattpad page, you can read along as I draft my stories.  You may also have noticed that I have been less than consistent, despite... Continue Reading →

RoW80 Check-In

Sometimes you sit down to write and nothing comes out. Literally nothing. You may have a clear outline in front of you and know exactly where you want the next scene to take you, but no idea how to get there. It's like understanding the theory behind driving without ever being able to get behind... Continue Reading →

Minimalist BuJo: How NOT To Screw This Up

When I went looking for inspiration for my own bullet journal I was immediately drawn to the neat layouts of minimalist bullet journalists. The lack of elaborate designs made the functionality of the notebooks shine. The functionality became art.  Since then I have run across many bullet journalists who mistake a lack of color for... Continue Reading →

RoW80 Check-In

Just a quick note to all of my readers who are following along that I am now officially ten days into the Round of Words in 80 Days writing challenge and I have made a lot of progress on my chosen project. I am learning new things about my characters and I'm generally liking the... Continue Reading →

Writers Read Too: January 2018

This month's selection of books has a special theme. I have chosen fantasy novels that feature people of color as the protagonists. It just so happens that they also feature LGBTQ characters as well.  WHY? It began last month when I bought my eldest daughter a new sketch pad. She is a huge manga/anime fan... Continue Reading →

Sameer Ali Dies Alone: Part 1, Chpt. 1

This is the first installation of a new story I am writing called Sameer Ali Dies Alone. To read more and keep updated don’t forget to subscribe, and follow me on Wattpad.            “Don’t worry. It’s not your fault.”            Aisha pulled a rattled and shook Sadaf down the hall.... Continue Reading →

RoW80: I Love A Challenge

After what I consider to be the great success of my NaNoWriMo 2017, I decided to expand the insanity into the new year. There's a story that has been evolving in my head for a few months now (with copious notes in Evernote to prove it) and now I have decided it's ripe enough to... Continue Reading →

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