Wakanda, Islam, and This Moment in Time

When Prophet Muhammad began to spread the message of Islam he didn't see himself or his community of believers as separate from the Arab culture that they inhabited. They belonged. They didn't disavow their lineage or minimalize their culture. Instead, they dedicated themselves to the advancement of a set of values that could be transferred from one culture... Continue Reading →

V-Day: From #MeToo to #MeTime

This Valentine's Day the powers have shifted. The discussion around gender, sex, power, and influence are vastly different from any conversations in my memory. I am hopeful that these changes will result in justice for countless victims and a reworking of a system that has historically always protected the rich and male.  But on the... Continue Reading →

OneNote vs. Evernote

Not too long ago I noticed that there were a number of Microsoft Office tools that I never use. Some of them I simply don't need (like anything to do with drawing or photo editing) and others I never tried because I have other apps to fulfill their function. However, like many people I have my... Continue Reading →

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