RoW80 Check-In: The Shiny New Ideas

Its Wednesday again, and I am dragging!

I am still working on my project but I have hit that point in the middle of a project (although this is not the middle) where I begin to lose focus. I am suffering from Shiny New Idea Syndrome, where the specters of all the great stories I COULD be writing begin to distract me from the ones I am SUPPOSED to be writing. 

How do I deal with this?


Everybody uses Evernote differently but for me its a holding pen for great ideas. I have notebooks set up to hold my ideas for new stories, new characters, new settings, and clever bits of writing that have yet to find a home. This is the nursery where the seedlings of ideas that may one day become writing projects (hello Camp NaNo) are nurtured and stored. 

If a shiny new idea catches my attention I open up a note in Evernote and jot it down right away. Once its safely out of my head an in the cloud (Lord, what did we ever do before the cloud) I can get back to what I am supposed to be writing without worrying that this great idea will disappear into the ether from whence it came. 

There are lots of people who have a similar, analog, method. They keep a notepad handy and whenever an idea strikes them, they write it down. This method doesn’t work well for me. I usually end up with a mess of sticky notes or a drawer full of pocket-sized notebooks full of indiscriminate scribblings, too unorganized to be useful. Doing it this way helps me to be able to see what I have and begin to craft a story out of it. 

Is every idea a jewel? Hell, no! But at least I have it. 

As always, be sure to follow along on Wattpad and read along as I write the rough draft for Sameer Ali Dies Alone.

Current word count: 15192

One thought on “RoW80 Check-In: The Shiny New Ideas

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  1. Oh! Shiny New Idea Syndrome… how I suffer from it myself.

    Some of … okay a lot of us in the ROW80 community suffer from it and somehow make it work too. Fallon Brown is a miracle worker when it comes to working on multiple projects. Maybe you could choose a second “play project” to allow your mind a sense of freedom from the strictures of the main project (as much so you can be sure only the things you wish to focus on will end up in the main piece as to explore the SNI).

    Just a thought.


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