Writer Vlog: What the hell do I do all day?

The question of what I do all day when my family is away was posed, rather innocently, by my daughter. I thought it would be fun to finally answer that question. And by fun, I mean a cinematic disaster of epic proportions. Enjoy!

It doesn’t matter what you wear? Really?

In the last few days, we have been dealing with a storm in my house. The issue of dress, sex, and how people are treated came to a painful head in my house. My daughter was photographed without her knowledge as she was tucking her shirt into her pants. The photo was completely innocent, but... Continue Reading →

Romance Writers, Sex & the Hook-up Culture

I don't mind writing sex scenes. "Gay stuff" doesn't bother me. I'm not squeamish about sex or sexual issues. I have some very conservative rules that I follow regarding my personal sexual life, but I am very sex positive. As long as all of the parties involved are CONSENTING ADULTS and absent any physical, psychological... Continue Reading →

In Honor Of Women

2018 is being called the year of the woman and I am blissfully participating.¬† I went to the Women's March 2.0 I celebrated (with a party and everything) International Women's Day. And my bullet journal is sporting a Women's History Month theme for the month of March. But like so many people I am trying... Continue Reading →

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