In Honor Of Women

2018 is being called the year of the woman and I am blissfully participating. 

I went to the Women’s March 2.0

I celebrated (with a party and everything) International Women’s Day.

And my bullet journal is sporting a Women’s History Month theme for the month of March.

But like so many people I am trying to think long term. Like Mother’s Day, it’s easy to focus on how much we appreciate and love women for ONE day or even a month, but the aim of raising awareness of “women’s issues” is not to be proactive for a day. It is to change the conversation.

As the mother of future women, I always wonder if I have empowered them. I can’t change the world for them, they are going to have to do that themselves. But, I can prepare them to tackle the challenges that they will inevitably face. 

This TED Talk is truly inspiring and I recommend it for educators, coaches, and mothers. 

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