Sports Hijabs: More Than Nike

Most of you are aware that sports hijabs are a thing. Many of your favorite hijabi YouTubers, hijabi Fitstagramers, and well known Hijabi figures have been wearing them for years. Since Nike made it’s first sports hijab available, it has become easy to forget that long before Nike joined the bandwagon, there were companies like Capsters, who pioneered the market. 

I have nothing against Nike joining the fray, competeing for muslim women’s wardrobe dollars(pounds, ringgits, or whatever). I welcome them to the party. Better late than never. But I hope we don’t forget that when we were looking for solutions for hijabi girls who wanted to play soccer (football for the rest of the world), it was Muslim owned companies like Capsters that came to our rescue in the 90’s. It was Musilm owned comapnies like Ahiida that created swimwear for muslim women in the early 2000’s. Aasiya, the new kid on the block, was a direct response to little Somali girls who wanted to participate in sports but couldn’t find clothes that let them play the way all little girls deserved to play.

Since then a number of Muslim owned and operated activeear lines have given us every variation and variety of modest sportwear. There are sweat wicking, modestly cut, tracksuits, running tunics, harem pants and yoga pants. A quick search through instagram will turn up thousands of pictures of hundreds of fit-chicks, wearing dozens of brands designed for and by Muslim women. 

So before we all get excited and run to support Nike, remember the originators. Support the small labels and growing brands that spring out of our own communities. Show them some love, because they were sweating and hustling for your business before it was cool.

Hello Salam Readers,

All of you who are in Canada or just like getting products from Canada, I am pleased to announce that Capsters is moving into your market. Also, full disclosure, I have written for their blog. If you’d like to read that post or buy an awesome sports hijab , click HERE.

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