Dear Ramadan;

]I want so desperately to welcome you with open arms and a joyful heart. I want to approach you with the excitement and anticipation that you deserve. But I can’t.

My heart is too heavy. My woes too deep. My faith too small. 

This year I limp towards you broken and bleeding, unsure that any deed I do will be acceptable. I am a failure in need of your mercy. I am a beggar in need of your grace.

I come seeking healing, forgiveness, and renewal. I come exhausted, defeated, and desperate. I come humiliated and broken. 

Welcome, welcome, Ramadan. I am in desperate need of you. 

This year I seek clarity where there is confusion. I seek hope where there is despair. This year has been a trial in ways I couldn’t have imagined and I was unprepared. I am a mess. I am embarrassed by how weak I truly am. I am a failure, clinging to the hope of a second chance. 

Welcome, welcome, Ramadan. 

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