Writers Read Too: December Reads

December is another one of those months where all of your good intentions tend to go out the window. Much like the rest of you, I struggle to watch my weight, manage my time and my money during this month. Reading is one of those healthy habits that I try to cling to, not only... Continue Reading →


NaNoWriMo Pro-Tip: Write It Down

Hello everybody, As we round the corner into the last week of November I wanted to drop a line for all of the people who might be struggling to make it across the finish line with their NaNoWriMo project, or who might be struggling to complete anything in life.  Here's my tip. Write it down.... Continue Reading →

October 31: All-NaNo’s Eve

It's been so much fun blogging my way through October. I feel like I really primed my creative muscles for Nano and I am currently bursting with excitement. If you'd like to follow along and see my ATROCIOUS rough draft develop as I write my way through November, please follow me on Wattpad to be sure... Continue Reading →

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