SO…No More Blog Posts?

When a writer decides to stop writing blog posts, is she still a writer? I answer the question!

RoW80 Check-In

Just a quick note to all of my readers who are following along that I am now officially ten days into the Round of Words in 80 Days writing challenge and I have made a lot of progress on my chosen project. I am learning new things about my characters and I'm generally liking the... Continue Reading →

October 24: 7 Days to NaNoWriMo

In honor of the start of NaNoWriMo I have been doing what any decent participant is doing at this time of year- Prepping. That means new notebooks and pens, new outlines and vision boards, new schedules and planners, it is my "new" year. Before we move forward, please take a moment to like and follow... Continue Reading →

The Good Husband: Chapter TEN

"Looks like things are moving forward for you two. I can't say I understand the appeal, but the two of you do make a nice couple," Omar said bitterly. "Thank you," Adam said simply. "I wasn't complimenting you," Omar snickered.  "No, you misunderstand me. Thank you for being so low and so disappointing that a... Continue Reading →

October 9: The Good Husband

Time for a little shameless self-promotion here. I am currently working on completing "The Good Husband" on Wattpad right now. I have been writing and reading on Wattpad for quite some time now. I really enjoy it as the social interaction acts as an encouragement to keep writing. I love seeing people enjoying my idea in... Continue Reading →

Eight: Challenge Accepted

Omar didn't know what it was that he didn't like about this guy, but everything he did rubbed Omar the wrong way. The arrogant Manager was obviously a wolf in sheep's clothing. it was as clear as day that he was interested in more than Amatullah's "valuable business".  What bothered him most was how oblivious Amatullah... Continue Reading →

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