SO…No More Blog Posts?

When a writer decides to stop writing blog posts, is she still a writer? I answer the question!

Writer Vlog: What the hell do I do all day?

The question of what I do all day when my family is away was posed, rather innocently, by my daughter. I thought it would be fun to finally answer that question. And by fun, I mean a cinematic disaster of epic proportions. Enjoy!

October 24: 7 Days to NaNoWriMo

In honor of the start of NaNoWriMo I have been doing what any decent participant is doing at this time of year- Prepping. That means new notebooks and pens, new outlines and vision boards, new schedules and planners, it is my "new" year. Before we move forward, please take a moment to like and follow... Continue Reading →

Eight: Challenge Accepted

Omar didn't know what it was that he didn't like about this guy, but everything he did rubbed Omar the wrong way. The arrogant Manager was obviously a wolf in sheep's clothing. it was as clear as day that he was interested in more than Amatullah's "valuable business".  What bothered him most was how oblivious Amatullah... Continue Reading →

Chapter Seven: Something Serious

"Good game, man," Alex said, pulling the sweaty jersey up over his head.  Adam put his racket in its case and jogged back to the showers. It was already nearly 2:30 and he was cutting it close.  "Whoah, got a hot date?" Alex followed close behind his friend, stripping off his wet clothes at the locker and... Continue Reading →

The Good Husband

Good news everybody! I am back to writing. If you haven't had a chance, please follow me on Wattpad. I'm currently working to finish The Good Husband. I will be releasing at least one chapter a week, usually on Sunday. If I get ambitious I will bump it up to two or three, but no... Continue Reading →

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