Writers Read Too! April Edition

All of this month's reads are available as e-books on Amazon. Use the links bellow to get your copy and support the kind of literature you want to see more of (and be eco-friendly too).  Children of Blood and Bone The Hundredth Queen Akata Witch  

October 25: Six Days Left

How do you like the new Wattpad book cover? I decided that since I have made the storyline of Unintended Consequences much edgier, I should give it a cover to match. I still love the original cover art and will probably use it for another project (hint: I already have a title) but this is... Continue Reading →

The Good Husband: Chapter TEN

"Looks like things are moving forward for you two. I can't say I understand the appeal, but the two of you do make a nice couple," Omar said bitterly. "Thank you," Adam said simply. "I wasn't complimenting you," Omar snickered.  "No, you misunderstand me. Thank you for being so low and so disappointing that a... Continue Reading →

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