SO…No More Blog Posts?

When a writer decides to stop writing blog posts, is she still a writer? I answer the question!

Writer Vlog: What the hell do I do all day?

The question of what I do all day when my family is away was posed, rather innocently, by my daughter. I thought it would be fun to finally answer that question. And by fun, I mean a cinematic disaster of epic proportions. Enjoy!

October 31: All-NaNo’s Eve

It's been so much fun blogging my way through October. I feel like I really primed my creative muscles for Nano and I am currently bursting with excitement. If you'd like to follow along and see my ATROCIOUS rough draft develop as I write my way through November, please follow me on Wattpad to be sure... Continue Reading →

October 10: Writers Read Too!

Good writers are usually pretty decent readers. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. There are some pretty successful writers who were avid video game players and only knew how to read cheat codes. There are some pretty decent writers who are movie buffs, channeling their love of movie magic into the written word.... Continue Reading →

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