October 22: The ONE Person You Can’t Lie To

I felt the need to share this with you today to motivate you to make different choices this week. As we head into the last week of October I hope you will all remember that it's never too late to start making better choices.  Stay tuned for more videos and don't forget to add me... Continue Reading →


The Proper Care and Feeding of the Writers in Your Life – Volume 1

I love it when I find a great read. This counts as one of them, so I’m passing it on to you!

Bonnywood Manor

Once upon a time, in a land where the summer sun can kill your soul, on the patio of a restaurant bar where the libations eased the slow heat-death, a discussion took place betwixt a certain writer and a certain beloved person in the writer’s life. The conversation was initially mundane, with rambling whatnots about who would sleep with George Clooney if given the chance and whether or not a proper queso recipe should include diced onion. Then, in a rather alarming development, the dialogue became a wee bit accusatory, and non-sexual passions were enflamed. Nonetheless, some intriguing considerations arose, and I would be remiss in my responsibilities as a writer if I didn’t share this conversation with you.

(Note: Forthwith, the “writer” shall be known as “Hexom”, a character in one of my books, a simple ploy that should give the illusion that someone else has an issue, even…

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Why I Don’t Enjoy Drinking

It’s rare that I find people who are on my wavelength when it comes to things like drinking or even dating, but I could’ve written these exact words when I was in college. Full disclosure, yes I tried drinking and no, it was not fun. If you’re one of the few who don’t drink simply because you don’t like it you are not alone. Don’t feel pressured to get into the drinking or party culture. Make decisions that are right for you. Anyway, show this sister some love for her honestly and willingness to make decisions that are right for her despite being in the minority.

sophie harris

Hiya everyone! Just to clarify, by drinking I mean alcohol – I do enjoy drinking the normal drink of water or squash etc hahaha!

I don’t like drinking alcohol. And that’s pretty much it.

I have been drinking alcohol quite a lot recently but that’s simply because I wanted to fit in. I so desperately wanted to fit in with all my friends who loved going out drinking on the weekends and also to fit in with the student stereotype. It just isn’t for me, at all. It makes me uncomfortable when I do drink and that’s just simply my fault.

I tried so hard to like drinking and I always feel like I’ve let my friends down because I never want to go out. And that’s because I don’t like being around drunk people when I’m sober and that’s really all there is to it. Because of this, I…

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The Good Husband: Chapter TEN

"Looks like things are moving forward for you two. I can't say I understand the appeal, but the two of you do make a nice couple," Omar said bitterly. "Thank you," Adam said simply. "I wasn't complimenting you," Omar snickered.  "No, you misunderstand me. Thank you for being so low and so disappointing that a... Continue Reading →

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